ReadyLift 3.0" F Strut Spacer-3.0" R Strut and Preload Spacer Tube A-Arm use w/ Magnetic Ride Control

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Sku : 69-31301

ReadyLIFT® is now shipping a premium-grade lift solution for the all-new 2021-2022 GM 1500 SUVs with (2WD/4WD) Magnetic Ride Control. Our new 69-31301 3” Smart Suspension Technology (SST) Lift Kit is engineered specifically for the new Chevy Tahoe, Suburban and GMC Yukon vehicles compatible with Premier, High Country, AT4, and Denali models or models equipped with Magnetic Ride Control.¬¬ ReadyLIFT 69-31301 has been engineered to provide three inches of lift height overstock, without over-lifting. Three inches of lift is perfect for installing a plus-1 or plus-2 larger tire and wheel combination without sacrificing the plush factory ride and handling of these new GM SUVs. Enjoy increased ground clearance with a much taller stance. Take comfort in knowing our engineers thought of everything when they developed this lift kit for full-size GM SUVs. The new 69-31301 3” SST Lift Kit for new GM SUVs equipped with Magnetic Ride Control is the highest-quality, best-engineered bolt-on lift system you can install on a new GM SUV.

The kit includes our popular ReadyLIFT tubular control arms with corrected ball joint cup angles, heavy-duty one-ton ball joints, and maintenance-free non-bonded TCT pivot bushings that ensure proper suspension geometry and functionality.

The front lift is achieved with new heavy-duty steel top mount front strut extensions, while the rear is lifted with fabricated steel top mount spacers and CNC-machined billet Aluminum rear coil spring pre-load spacers. The rear pre-load spacers serve the GM SUV well by adding just a touch of rear spring rate, ideal for preventing rear sag when the vehicle is loaded down or carrying many occupants. This new kit checks all the boxes. We even include new relocation brackets to allow for slack on critical suspension sensor wires.


This unique “no hassle” product warranty proves our commitment to the quality of every product that ReadyLIFT produces.  ReadyLIFT product warranty only extends to the Original Purchaser of any ReadyLIFT product.  If it breaks, we will give you a new part. 


Any ReadyLIFT products containing missing or defective components will be covered under warranty by ReadyLIFT.  Please call 800-549-4620 to initiate a warranty claim.  Rest assured our customer service team will urgently address the matter and expedite the replacement parts.  In the event of a defective product, ReadyLIFT may request a return of the defective product (at ReadyLIFT expense) so the quality team can analyze the nature of the defect.  Returning defective product will not delay the replacement part delivery.

ReadyLIFT leveling kit, block kits and lift kit products are NOT intended for off-road abuse. Any abuse or damage as a result of off-road use voids the warranty of the ReadyLIFT product.  Exception: ReadyLIFT Jeep SST and Terrain Flex Lift Kits are designed for normal off-road use to compliment the Jeep vehicle's off-road capability.  All Jeep Lift Kit products are covered under warranty when used in recreational off-road environments.

Warranty does not apply to discontinued, clearance or outlet products.  Wearable components including, but not limited to, shocks, ball joints, heim joints, bushings, and steering extensions, are covered for up to 1-year. Labor, installation, surcharges or any other applicable fees from the original purchase are non-refundable. ReadyLIFT is not responsible for any consequential damage to vehicles.

ReadyLIFT reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel this warranty without prior notice. 



Modified suspensions and large-diameter tires that increase ground clearance will alter vehicle handling.

The vehicle may become more likely to roll over. Suspension systems or components that enhance the on and off-road performance of your vehicle may cause it to handle differently than it did from the factory. Extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or vehicle rollover during abrupt maneuvers.

Slower speeds may be required to maintain control. Always operate your vehicle at reduced speeds to ensure your ability to control your vehicle under all driving conditions. Braking distance may increase. Failure to drive safely may result in serious injury or death to driver and passengers. Drive with extreme caution until the operator become familiar with how the vehicle handles.

Driver and passengers must ALWAYS wear a seat belt; avoid quick sharp turns and other sudden maneuvers.

Some modifications may be illegal in various states. Consult vehicle owner's manual, the instructions for this product, and state law before modifying any vehicle. Review all state and local laws, including but limited to, laws related to bumper height and the lifting of vehicles before the purchase and installation of any ReadyLIFT/ReadyAIR products.

Never operate your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drive with extreme caution until the operator becomes familiar with how the vehicle handles.

Constant maintenance is required to keep the vehicle safe. Thoroughly inspect vehicle regularly, especially before and after every off-road use.

It is the responsibility of the driver to check the surrounding area for obstructions, people, and animals before moving the vehicle.

All raised vehicles have increased blind spots; damage, injury and/or death can occur if these instructions are not followed.

Drive with extreme caution until the operator become familiar with how the vehicle handles.