Carli E-Venture Suspension System



Heavy-duty truck suspension just got a big and exciting upgrade. Carli has been hard at work for months developing an all-new shock package with dynamic valving that responsively adapts to the terrain for the smoothest ride possible on and off-road. An onboard computer adjusts the shocks hundreds of times per second based on an advanced algorithm implemented by Carli within the onboard computer system with three presets for highway, rock crawling, and high-speed off-roading.


The new Carli E-Venture shocks are the real deal! Changes are made to each shock independently allowing the system to respond almost instantaneously to weight shifts and or independent impacts. If turning the vehicle left, the shocks on the right will increase damping to lessen the body roll to offer a more comfortable and stable ride. When going over washboards the shocks are able to open and then instinctively increase damping on a large dip or hole. All is made possible by technology developed by SDI using advanced sensors to determine what is happening and adjust accordingly. While a single sensor is mounted on the engine bay determining the vehicle’s pitch, roll, and vertical velocity while OBD2 sensors read the vehicle’s speed, steering wheel angle, throttle position, and even brake rate.


A cabin-mounted display developed by Carli and SDI allows complete user control. Programmed with three base models: Highway, Rock Crawl, and Desert, each preset changes the shock’s responsive behavior and base-level damping. Along with the preset modes, you can also change the responsiveness of each base mode based on steering wheel input, vehicle role, and much more to make hundreds of adjustments per second via an advanced algorithm that combines Carli's base shim stack tune, with a variable rate valve to control compression damping on the fly.


As usual, Carli went ahead and took things a step further allowing users who want more customization an advanced control option allowing control of the front/rear base damping individually allowing you to run the front shocks in the open street setting, and full damping in the rear to prevent the weight of the load form bouncing the truck. Perfect for heavy towing or hauling.


The Carli E-Venture system balances on-road comfort with off-road capability better than any other Ford suspension system on the market. The future of on and off-road suspension technology is here and is ready for anything you can throw at it.