BDS 4″ 4-Link Lift: 2014-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD (Gas)


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The latest suspension system option to come from BDS is a complete conversion system for the new radius arm suspension on the 2014-2017 Ram 2500.

Like our popular 2005-2014 Ford Super Duty systems, we replace the factory radius arm setup for 4-link system. The design starts with 2 massive frame brackets that provide the mounting points for the new upper and lower control arms. These brackets locate off of the factory radius arm brackets, no factory bracket removal required.

The new 4-Link brackets mount similar to the current radius arm relocation brackets, wrapping the frame and nesting in the factory radius arms mounts. As with our radius arm brackets, there is a minor amount of welding required to install the threaded frame insert (1 per side). This insert is necessary to provide the strongest possible mount. The new control arm positions at the frame create better suspension geometry and reduce caster change through wheel travel compared to the radius arm setup. This creates better handling and more controlled steering “feel”, especially in rough terrain when the suspension is allowed to travel and articulate. The large diameter, heavy-wall tubular control arms are formed for tire clearance when turning and position the axle slightly forward from stock to create more clearance to the rear portion of the front fenders.

As with the current BDS 4″ radius arm kits, the new front coils spring are progressive rate in order to provide excellent on road ride and offroad performance. Track bar relocation, a dropped pitman arm and brake line relocation round out the front portion of the system.

The rear is lifted via block and new ubolts to achieve a level stance. Available with both NX² series and Fox/BDS 2.0 shocks as well as with an expanding list of accessories we offer for the new Ram.

    • Tire & Wheel Combinations
    • 37″ x 12.50 w/17″ x 9″ and 5.625″ back spacing
    • 35″ x 12.50″ w/18″ x 9″ and 4.5 back spacing
    • 35″ x 12.50″ w/20″ x 9″ and 4.5 back spacing

*Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: 5 hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 – 5 complicated): 3


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